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Visitor surveys in the Forest

13 July 2021
Heart of England Forest

We are creating a Forest that benefits people, so hearing from our visitors is important to us. From the 16th-18th July, the Heart of England Forest will be conducting its first in-person visitor surveys across all six of its car parks. 

Learning more about our visitors

From the 16th – 18th July, the Heart of England Forest team will be speaking with visitors to all six of its car parks to find out more about them and why they visit. The surveys will give visitors the opportunity to meet members of the charity team and share their views on their Forest experience. 

Staff members manning a branded canopy

Your feedback matters

We are hard at work creating a Forest for people to enjoy, so hearing from our visitors is important to us. This coming weekend, members of the charity team will be in all the Forest car parks equipped with visitor surveys to learn more about who visits the Forest and why. We are excited to have this opportunity to get out into the Forest and engage with our supporters face to face. 

The aims of the survey are to learn more about our visitors, why they visit the Forest, and how they connect with nature. This valuable data will help with future planning to maximise the potential of the Forest as a place for people and wildlife to enjoy. So, if you are out walking in the Forest this weekend, please stop and have a chat with us. 

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Connecting more people to nature

As well as providing the charity with its own evaluation, the data gathered from the survey will also form part of the research we are carrying out to help evaluate our ground-breaking Green Recovery Challenge Fund (GRCF) project. One of the commitments we made as part of the project was connecting more people to nature. 

Through these surveys, we hope to determine how we are achieving this and which areas we need to improve.


Ongoing evaluation

This will be the first of many in-person surveys that we carry out around the Forest. We are aiming to run two per year in this format, so that our valued supporters can engage with us in person and feed back to us on their experiences. 

Blue skies over some of the new and established trees at Morgrove Coppice

Complete our online survey

If you are a Forest visitor but not visiting this weekend, the survey will be also available online from Friday to Sunday. Please take part so your voice is heard.