Planting & protecting a 30,000 acre Forest
Help us grow the Forest to benefit the environment, wildlife and people
Close up of bluebells growing on Forest floor
About us
We want to help reverse centuries of woodland decline and create and conserve a magnificent broadleaf Forest for the benefit of the environment, wildlife and people.
Close up of red hawthorn berries on branches
Forest Survey 2021
Close up of tree canopy with blue sky behind
Help us grow the Forest
There are many ways you can support our vital work from donating to dedicating a tree, fundraising for us and volunteering.
Footpath marker next to footpath through spring trees
Visit the Forest
Find information about how to get to the Forest, parking, walking routes and things to see during your visit.
Volunteer clearing bracken in the forest
Volunteer with us
Our amazing army of volunteers helps us with all aspects of creating and managing the Forest. There are lots of ways that you can give your time and make a difference.
Three boys crouching on a tree trunk looking for bugs
Learning in the Forest
A beautiful place to spend time and learn more about nature, we aim to encourage as many people as possible to benefit from visiting the Forest regularly.