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Forest Audio Trails

Our new audio trails provide an enhanced, interactive experience for visitors, who can hear about the habitats, wildlife, and history of the Forest as they walk in the woodlands.

Download the GPS-assisted app and choose from three themed audio trails positioned along two different popular walking routes through the Forest - The Founder's Walk in Dorsington and Morgrove Coppice in Spernal.

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Audio tour locations

Habitat Audio Trail and Forest Story Audio Trail

Along the four mile Founder's Walk starting in Dorothy’s Wood car park either learn about the mosaic of habitats in the Forest and the wildlife that lives there, or follow the Forest Story and find out why the Heart of England Forest came to be, about its Founder Felix Dennis, and the important work the charity is undertaking.

Map showing the Founder's Walk route in the Forest

Family Audio Trail

At Morgrove Coppice, home of our accessible trail, the audio tour designed to capture the interest of the whole family takes you along a route of just over a mile and will engage young minds in the surrounding young and mature woodland. 

Map showing the walking route at Morgrove Coppice in the Forest

Download the iOS Forest Trails app
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