Sheathed woodtuft fungi on fallen tree

Fungi spotting

Go for a walk in woodland or grassland and see how many different colours of the rainbow you can spot in the fungi or mushrooms.

In particular, waxcap fungi are well-known for their vibrant and shiny colours and can be found in grazed grasslands. Look out for shiny green parrot waxcaps, vivid red scarlet waxcaps, the pink ballerina waxcap, golden waxcaps or snowy waxcaps. Check out our Fungi spotter's guide to read more about our top 10 fungi to look for around the Forest.


Why not print out fungi spotter's sheet below and take it out with you for a walk? Pack some coloured pens and pencils and draw each species of fungi that you spot on your walk and take it home to identify.

Fungi spotter's sheet

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