Haydon Way Wood

This easy-to-follow walk will lead you to a wildflower meadow through to a beautiful skyline view near Windmill Hill. Look out and see the scale of the Heart of England Forest for yourself.

How to get here

The start / finish point for this walk is Haydon Way Wood car park:

Address: Spernal Lane, Nr. Studley, B80 7EX
OS Grid Ref: SP 08480 62213
What3Words: ///fame.ocean.crop

Facilities and access

This car park and woodland walking route is being provided for your enjoyment and we ask that you donate via the post in the car park or by text. 

This walking route has width restricting post in place at the start of the walk. Beyond these there are no stiles, steps or gates or bridges.

Download the Haydon Way Wood walk
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1.5 miles
Haydon Way Wood car park
Nearest postcode:
B80 7EX
Clearly marked woodland trail. Easy going - but can get muddy in the winter.

Begin walk

1. Head due south out of the car park. Under the second set of overhead power cables turn right and follow them to the bridge.
Map board and waymarker post at the beginning of Forest walk
2. Cross over the bridge and continue on. The wide open area in front of you is a wild flower meadow sown in 2014. Species include birdsfoot trefoil, knapweed, yarrow, corn cockle and vetches.
Footpath through hedge and wooden bridge
3. After about 100m turn right across the meadow and follow the cross ride to the north-west.
Footpaths crossing in an open meadow with overhead power cables
4. Go through the gap in the hedge and walk under another powerline. Continue straight on up the slope along the ride gently turning to left.
Waymarker next to footpath going through a hedge
5. Head down the slope and over the ditch. This field has been planted with over 6,500 hazel and will become hazel coppice cut on a 5-6 year rotation.
Close up of hazel trees
6. After a short climb pass through the gap in the hedge into another open area. Continue straight on and turn right along the woodland edge for about 100m.
Footpath running alongside a woodland edge
7. At this point, take a sharp left down the slope. The view in front of you up to Windmill Hill on the skyline makes up part of the Heart of England Forest – you will be able to see the forest as it grows before you.
View across to Windmill Hill in the distance
8. Head down the slope and follow this ride below the paddock. Ignore the public footpath that crosses the ride and keep heading south with a slight rise and bend to the right. Our route now takes a sharp left turn heading across and then down the slope.
Footpath winding through the Forest with Windmill Hill in the distance
9. You will notice a natural pond on your right stood over by several oak trees.
Look out for dragonflies and frogs here!
Natural pond in the Forest with oak trees around the edge
10. Head under the powerlines and follow the public footpath east through the trees, pass through the open space and fork right at the waymarker post. With the wider open space on your right drop down through the hedge towards the River Arrow.
Large open space in the Forest with a bench and waymarker post up ahead
11. Heading left (upstream) along the river there are opportunities to stop here and contemplate for a while. This is a super spot for a picnic.
You might spot a kingfisher here!
Close up of a kingfisher on a tree branch
12. Keep heading north with the woodland on your left and river on the right, crossing the public footpath again.
View downstream of the River Avon with trees lining the bank
13. Head away from the river towards a large oak tree, which is on the boundary of two parishes and was once on the river edge. You are now walking on the parish boundary along the old river bank.
The course of the river was altered in the early 1900’s, as to why we are not quite sure but maybe to remove an oxbow lake.
Large oak tree to the left hand side of the footpath
14. Turn right just past the oak and head north to the car park.
Waymarker post next to footpath through an open area of the Forest with powerlines in the distance
End! Well done