Beech tree surrounded by fallen autumnal leaves

How to make an autumnal wreath

While the leaves are in their beautiful autumn colours, why not get out and collect a few different varieties and colours to make an autumnal wreath? You could also add in some pine cones and conkers if you like – but you might need stronger glue!

Autumn wreath


What you will need:

  • A wreath base
  • PVA glue
  • Autumnal leaves
  • Ribbon
  • Conkers and pine cones (optional)



  1. Go out on an autumnal walk around the Forest and collect a handful of fallen leaves.
  2. As soon as you get home, press them and leave them to dry for about 10 days. You can do this by putting them inside some kitchen roll inside a very heavy book and stacking more books on top.
  3. Once the leaves are pressed, lay them out on top of your wreath base in the positions that you want.
  4. Use the PVA glue to glue the leaves to the wreath base. Weigh them down with coins to keep the pressure between the glue and the base.
  5. Do this for all the leaves, then tie the ribbon or string to the top of the wreath.
  6. Hang it in a window where the sun can shine through the leaves to get a lovely autumnal feel.


Download step-by-step instructions here:

How to make an autumnal wreath

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