Morgrove Coppice - Wild Walk

Our wild walk takes you off the beaten track to explore the mature woodland. Walk through the Ancient Semi-Natural Woodland (ASNW) and find veteran oaks, bluebells in the spring, and wildflowers and butterflies in the summer months. Then explore the accessible wildlife trail. 

How to get there

The start / finish point for this walk is Morgrove Coppice car park:

Address: Burford Lane, Spernal
OS Grid Ref: SP 09902 62401
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Facilities and access

The Wild Walk starts and finishes at Morgrove Coppice car park. This car park and woodland walking route is being provided for your enjoyment and we ask that you donate via the post in the car park or by text.

The mature woodland section is uneven, features steps and can be slippery after rain. This section can be avoided by following the track along the edge of the woodland up to the wooden steps where the wild walk footpath exits the mature trees.

The family audio trail is available on this walk. You can download the Forest Trails app for iOS and Android. Learn more about Forest audio trails here.

Download the Wild Walk
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1.2 miles (including the accessible trail)
Morgrove Coppice car park
Burford Lane, Spernal
Uneven, can be slippery, gets very muddy.
Audio trail:
The family audio trail is available on this walk

Begin walk

1. Access the Morgrove Coppice car park from Burford lane. When entering the car park please park on the grassed half on your right-hand side. To begin the walk head to the end of the car park furthest from the entrance.
The informational boards in the car park at the beginning of the walk
2. Following the path, you will reach a waymarked post with a bridge to the right, turn right and cross the bridge.
A bridge with view over to the mature trees in Spernal Park
3. The path will take you for a further 50 metres until you reach another gap in the hedge. Once through the gap, head diagonally left entering the mature woodland of Spernal Park.
This area of Spernal Park is Ancient Semi-Natural Woodland which means it has had continual forest cover since 1600. The wood is also home to veteran oak trees and many wildflowers.
A footpath leading through mature trees with a navigational signpost on the right
4. Walking along the path you will pass a large open ride to your right looking back up into the wood. In the spring and summer months you will spot wildflowers and butterflies.
A pathway leading straight on slightly to the right with a navigational signpost on the left
5. Keep following the path as it snakes through the bottom of the wood. At the end of the path turn left down a short set of stairs exiting Spernal park. Looking across to the new plantation you will spot the waymarker ahead.
A footpath leading through mature trees to a set of wooden steps
6. Following the waymarker enter the woodland plantation. Follow the path diagonally left as it snakes through the plantation. At the end of the new plantation you will spot the next waymarker across the ride to your left.
A footpath through a young woodland
7. When you reach the waymarker you will find a bridge through the hedge. Cross this and either turn left to return to the car park or turn right to join the Morgrove Coppice accessible trail.
A wooden bridge leading through a hedgerow over a stream
8. If continuing on the accessible trail, you will arrive at a small bridge which will take you in to Morgrove Coppice Wood. As you follow the path through Morgrove Coppice you will find yourself surrounded by trees of all ages.
The pine trees that were planted here in the 60’s have been thinned out in this area to allow us to plant broadleaf trees in their place.
A pathway leading in to a mature area of woodland
9. Follow the path as it meanders through the wood. At a T junction follow the waymarker and take the path to the left.
A footpath leading through a woodland with a navigational signpost on the right
10. Following the path you will notice some large Scots pine trees to your right. Keep following the waymarked route until you meet the boardwalk which will appear on your left.
A pathway through a mature woodland with a Scots pine tree trunk on the right
11. Continue forward on the boardwalk following it to its end as it exits the Morgrove Coppice woodland.
A wooden boardwalk through the Forest
12. After leaving the boardwalk take the path diagonally to the right through the plantation that leads back to the car park.
A wooden boardwalk leading into open grassland and a young woodland with mature trees in the distance
End! Well done

Thank you to volunteer David for contributing these wonderful woodland walk photos.