Close up shot of a Natterer's bat in flight
Scientific Name:
Myotis nattereri
A medium-sized bat with pink limbs that can be seen through its pointed wings. It also has a pink face, is covered in brown/grey fur on the back but with white fur on the belly.
Up to 5cm in length with 24.5-30cm wingspan and can weigh up to 12 grams.
Preferred habitats:
Deciduous woodland, farmland and over sheltered water.
Midges, small moths and crane flies. They'll also pick beetles and spiders off vegetation.
Average lifespan of 7 years.


Females give birth to a single pip in June or July after mating in the previous autumn.


Where do they live in the Forest?

Find them in the forest in areas close to water.


Natural predators

Barn Owls.


Spotting tips

Look for the white belly at night as they fly overhead. 


Not to be confused with

Natterer’s are similar to Daubenton’s, but look out for the white belly which is the key give away.


Conservation status

Protected in the UK under the Wildlife and Countryside Act, 1981. They are also a European Protected Species through the European Habitats Directive.


How you can help

One way you could help is to become a Friend of the Forest and support our work creating and maintaining habitats for wildlife.