Close up shot of a wood mouse resting in some greenery
Wood Mouse
Scientific Name:
Apodemus sylvaticus
Small golden brown mouse with a pale under side. They have large ears and eyes and a long tail.
Up to 10cm in length with a further 10cm of tail, and up to 25g in weight.
Preferred habitats:
Woodland, rough grassland and gardens.
Berries and seeds.
1 year


Females have up to six litters a year of between four and eight young.


Where do they live in the Forest?

Wood mice live extensively throughout the forest, but are most common in woodland and rough grassland. They are very likely to be found in your garden too.


Natural predators

Foxes, owls and domestic cats.


Spotting tips

Wood mice are generally nocturnal, but you can occasionally spot them in the day. Keep an eye out for small nests made out of leaves, moss and grass, usually under the roots of shrubs and trees.


Not to be confused with

Harvest mouse or house mouse. The wood mouse is bigger than a harvest mouse and browner than a house mouse.


Conservation status

Wood mice are common and widespread throughout the UK.


How you can help

Wood mice will happily make their homes in your gardens. Live a wild area of your garden and plant plenty of wildflowers and berry producing plants as a food source. Create a sheltered area in which they can build a nest.