A drone shot of middle Spernal in the summer, It shows a diverse array of habitats, woodlands, pathways, ponds and grassland
Evening volunteering sessions
Habitat and wildlife activities

New evening opportunities for getting hands on in the Forest

We are excited to announce a fantastic new volunteering opportunity this summer. Join volunteer sessions in various areas of the Forest from 6:30pm to 8:30pm every Wednesday evening throughout July and August 2024. 

Ideal for busy schedules 

These sessions are perfect for those who want to support the Forest but are unable to volunteer during the day or at weekends. Whether you can join just one session or all of them, your contribution will be greatly appreciated. There’s a specific focus on meeting new people and connecting with the environment, whilst helping to nurture the Forest.  

A male volunteer walking through a clearing in the Forest, surrounded by tall trees. He is wearing sunglasses and carrying some protective tree tubes which have been removed from trees

What to expect 

  • Engaging in conservation activities: Spend time in the natural environment, participate in activities focused on conservation and wildlife protection, and contribute to the preservation and enhancement of our beautiful Forest. 
  • Learn new skills: This is a great chance to learn new skills related to environmental care and conservation. 
  • Stay fit: Enjoy physical activity in the fresh air, which is excellent for both physical and mental well-being. 
  • Make new friends: Meet like-minded individuals and make new friends while working together for a great cause. 
  • Socialise around a campfire: Each session will end with a social sit-down and a campfire, providing a perfect opportunity to relax and connect with each other. 


 A close up photo of an early instar of a shieldbug inside a survey tube being held in a volunteer's hand
How to get involved
Simply click the register button below and select your activities. We look forward to seeing you soon!
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