The sun setting through the woodland

Celebrating conservation, creation, and transformation

26 August 2022
Julie Walton-Evans, Marketing and Communications Officer

The Heart of England Forest is an exciting and ambitious charity, and we are proud to be shouting about our work this International Day of Charity. We want to help reverse centuries of woodland decline by creating and conserving a magnificent 30,000-acre native broadleaf forest for the benefit of the environment, wildlife, and people here in the heart of the country. A place of enduring natural beauty, protected and secured for generations to come.

So far, with thanks to our partners, projects (made possible by grants and trusts), and the hard work of our staff and volunteers, we have planted just over 2 million trees. Tree planting on this scale makes a significant positive environmental impact, creating a huge carbon sink and helping to mitigate climate change.

But a forest is far more than trees - it is an incredible mosaic of habitats helping to boost diversity for plants and animals, as well as enhancing the wellbeing of people. Did you know that in addition to woodlands, the Forest emcompasses a mosaic of habitats which which also includes grassland, heathland, and wetlands? Our work creating and enhancing these important habitats brings a wide range of environmental and social impacts, such as enhancing biodiversity, water purification, flood alleviation and benefitting people’s physical and mental health.

A butterfly in a meadow habitat

The work we do would not be possible without the generosity of our supporters, but with the rise in the cost of living and people making essential cutbacks, there are free ways to support us this International Day of Charity:

If you feel you can help us financially, then you can do so without it costing the earth. Anything contributed today will make a difference now and for years to come:

  • Become a Friend of the Forest – Your small monthly donation (from as little as £5) opens a host of benefits, including 'Your Forest' supporter magazine twice a year, a permit to use in any of the Forest car parks when exploring the woodlands, and exclusive invites to events in the Forest.
  • Dedicate a tree - Make your mark in the Heart of England Forest by dedicating a tree. While we do not add a tag to these trees, yours will be right at the heart of the Forest as it grows. We will also send you a map of the area and a certificate - a thoughtful and sustainable gift.
  • Tag a tree - Whether it is to celebrate a special occasion, or in memory of a loved one, a personalised, tagged tree is the perfect way of leaving a meaningful legacy. Your dedication includes a certificate, map, and a location reference to help you find it!
  • Plant your own tree  - Enjoy a unique visit to the Forest to meet with one of the team and plant your own tree alongside a plaque dedication. This experience is available during the November to March planting season. It also includes a certificate and location map.
A tree with a metal tag. In memory of Pamela

Of course, we welcome donations but we also understand the cost-of-living pressures. So, we would like to suggest another way of donating by leaving a legacy. No matter the size, every gift will make a real and tangible difference. Your support will help create a future national asset; a refuge from the modern world where people can rediscover nature and wildlife can flourish.

With your help, we can plant and protect tomorrow’s great native woodland and the result will transform the lives of millions for centuries to come.

Wishing you a Happy International Day of Charity, from all of us here at the Heart of England Forest.