Discover which mammals make their home here in the Forest.

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Of the 18 species of bat found in the UK, 13 have been found in the Forest. Find out more about these fascinating Forest residents.

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Close up of a Natterer's bat in flight

Water Vole

This protected species lives along the rivers, streams and ditches that run through the forest.

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Close up of a water vole perched on some water weeds eating a berry

Brown Hare

Not to be confused with rabbits, hares are most likely spotted along woodland edges and mown rides in the Forest during spring. 

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Close up shot of a brown hair resting in long grass.

Common Shrew

The common shrew has a distinctive long pointed nose and lives in hedgerows, woodland and grassland in the Forest.

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Close up shot of a common shrew in the Forest

Wood Mouse

Wood mice can be found throughout the woodland and rough grassland of the Forest, and are likely to be in your garden too. 

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Close up shot of a wood mouse resting in some greenery


A close relative of the weasel and otter, the stoat makes its home in woodlands and grasslands.

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Close up shot of a stoat waiting in the grass


Hedgehog numbers continue to decline in the UK, but they can find a welcome sanctuary here in the Forest.

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Extreme close up of a hedgehog looking at the camera

Field Vole

Living in the long grass in the younger plantations in the Forest, you need to be lucky to spot this little mammal, but there are signs to look out for.

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Close up shot of a field vole
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